Rainbows at Le Barn

[caption id="attachment_171" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Rainbows at Le Barn"]Rainbows at Le Barn[/caption] We are at a particularly lovely time of year. With the exhausting summer heat behind us, we look forward to cooler weather and to experiencing the miraculous beauty of leaves changing color. Mother Nature continues to partner with mother earth and together they will create the symphony of fall. As autumn’s temperate season begins her journey toward snowy winter, she paints a colorful palette in the sky for all to notice and enjoy. Le Barn sends you rainbows and good wishes as we share and enjoy a quiet moment just before the busy holiday season sets in. Call for visit 203-253-7286 Enjoy nature while visiting Le Barn.  Come see our latest additions to our fine antique collection. Call for an appointment with Nana or Kathy: 203-253-7286.  

Antique French Confit Pots

(Pots de Confit)

Le Barn’s exquisite antique Pots de Confit, originating in southern France, proves to be striking additions to any collection.

We carry a cluster of assorted size and color confit pots, which are in various stages of condition. A dark-yellow mustard glaze appears inside […]

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Nature, the Gentlest Mother – Speaks at Le Barn

The image accompanying this blog was recently taken one early morning on the property of Le Barn, in North Stamford, Connecticut.

In the rush and whirlwind of every day living, moments like these captured forever in time remind us to acknowledge and appreciate the natural beauty and magnificence […]

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