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Chinese Shoe Box

At Le Barn, we love offering fresh, new perspectives on how you can use our antique pieces in functional ways to help furnish your living space. For example, our beautifully detailed Chinese shoe box, which incorporates the symbol for longevity into one of the original inlayed paintings, could be used as a wonderful side table next to a couch or easy chair in any part of your home. The blue box and its brown side panels exhibit detailed paintings of Chinese symbolism. This color combination easily accentuates any wooden or upholstered furnishings in your home. Aside from the great storage space this item features, the lacquered blue container displays images of peonies, which are a symbol of homeland China herself. Other images depict the presentation of gifts to a young man and woman dressed in traveling cloths. Perhaps this box was once a present to a newly wed couple about to embark on a life of their own in a completely new land. We’ll never know for sure, but this gift may have been meant to express the blessings and good wishes from the couple’s families for luck and long life, a healthy, fruitful marriage, and a reminder never to forget home. Call us at 203-253-7286 to set an appointment to see our Chinese shoe box.

Chinese Day Beds

It’s no secret that Le Barn is well known for having some of the most interesting and unique pieces on the antiques circuit today.  However, this time, they’ve even surpassed themselves! Clearly, Le Barn can now add the word “exotic” to the list of […]

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French Corner Cabinet


Very authentic French corner cabinet with original hardware and hooks inside cabinet. It has an interesting grain on the doors. Simple yet attractive, versatile piece for your home, useful in the hallways, bedrooms, kitchen or the family rooms. It is from early 1800s and measures as:
W 44 D 31.25 H 74.75

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Spring into Summer! Plant a Vegetable Garden with Le Barn!

As we spring into summer, we anticipate planting our annual fresh vegetable garden at Le Barn. The joys of cultivating your own vegetable garden are both rewarding and healthy, especially with attention turned toward the latest trend of eating local produce. What could be better having an ultra […]

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