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An Amazing 50% off Winter Tent Sale

This week we are offering 3 sets of vintage colored glass items for a limited time only from the morning of February 15th, through the evening of February 18th. 31 Glass bottles brown

Set of assorted vintage brown glass bottles.

Measurements 7h/10.5h/8h/10.5h

Regular price for the set: $300.00, Sale price for the set: $150.00

33 Glass bottles blue

Set of assorted vintage blue glass items.

Measurements: 9h Bottle/10h vase/5.5 small vase/7h candle holders (pair)

Regular price for the set $250.00, Sale price: $150.00

34 Glass bottles green

Set of assorted vintage green glass vases.

Each vase about 8h tall.

Regular price for the set is $300.00, Sale price: $150.00

Buy every set to create your own rainbow colored glass arrangement, or buy just one set in your favorite color. These vases look wonderful on a window sill, or on any surface where light will shine through. Contact us for details or additional information about colored glass sets displayed by calling 203-253-7286 or emailing: info@lebarn.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

~Le Barn

Valentine’s Day at Le Barn

Wishing You Vintage Valentine’s Day Hugs and Kisses from Le Barn.

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Rooms We Love – New Feature!

Photo below is from the French inspired site http://french-grey.com/

Simple lines, pastel greys, elegant imperfections.

You can create a similar look with Le Barn items:

French clock face.

French stone urns.

French Rococo style gray painted table.

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Black is Beautiful!

The very darkest of colors, black is simply the absence of light, and the opposite of white. Mystery, elegance, and magic are immediately associated with the color black.

Black pairs well with all colors, and can be the accent or major influence in any room.

Black very willingly […]

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