L’ancienne & Le Barn Foret; A Modern Fairy Tale

L’ancienne & Le Barn Foret; A Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a deeply forested paradise called Le Barn Foret, there lived a fair maiden, so chaste, innocent, and lovely that her family sequestered her to live a solitary life in order to protect her from the outside world until they could select a suitable husband worthy of her charm and virtue.

She desperately begged them not to commit her to the same isolated fate as her fair friend Rapunzel, who was currently residing in a tall tower just down the road in another part of the forest: A true tower of terror, with neither a stairway, nor door, nor access to Internet service; only a portrait of her stepmother to gaze upon. L’ancienne shuddered as she imagined herself being stuck in a place like that forever, for she knew that her suitors were limited, what with Prince William marrying Kate, and the rampant tabloid stories detailing Prince Harry’s crazy scandalous behavior.

Sympathetic to their daughter’s plea (for her parents truly did love her even though they had a very strange way of showing it), they decided to ask the advice of the local enchantress, Rapunzel’s stepmother, Dame Gothel, who just happened to drop by for a spot of tea that very afternoon. Together, they masterminded a plan; L’ancienne would live in an enchanted outdoor room situated in the middle of the forest. Although there seemed to be no apparent walls or barriers confining her to the space, the magical spell cast by Dame Gothel would assure that L’ancienne would be able to see the beautiful forest, but no one passing through would be able to see her. L’ancienne would be forever hidden by these invisible confining walls until Prince Harry came to his senses.


Although the room was beautifully decorated with an antique 18th century wrought iron bed on which she slept quite comfortably, a freestanding gilded mirror with exquisitely simple beaded trim into which she gazed most of the day while lounging on the unique wood-framed rattan settee, she felt trapped and unfulfilled, and just couldn’t find happiness.


One day, while trying to conjure up a plan that would buy her a one-way ticket out of paradise, she heard a familiar nasal voice. Could it possibly be Prince Flynn, Rapunzel’s secret boyfriend? She called out to him and he responded! Magically, she was able to bring him past the barriers and inside her outdoor room.

As they relaxed together on the settee, he explained his incredible story. He was “accidentally” pushed out of Rapunzel’s tower window when her angry stepmother found them together. He, unwittingly, fell into a bush full of thorns below the tower and was instantly blinded. He had been wandering the forest for months trying to find his way home. As luck would have it, Dame Gothel’s spell didn’t account for Prince Flynn’s blindness. He wasn’t able to see L’ancienne, which kept to the original spell’s requirements, yet this unexpected twist of fate had served to counteract and break the hex!


Together, they fled the outdoor room. L’ancienne was very sad to have to leave the comfort of her beautiful wrought iron bed, freestanding gilded mirror, and the wood-framed rattan settee because she thought that she would never find another piece of antique furniture that would compare to the quality of these.

L’ancienne led Prince Flynn to Rapunzel’s tower. They called up to her to let down her flowing blond hair. However, much to their chagrin, her angry stepmother had given her a haircut after she pushed Prince Flynn from the tower. Rapunzel, a determined girl, never one to give up easily, had just finished weaving a ladder from the remnants of her golden hair. It seemed that the rope-making technique, which she learned of on YouTube prior to being sequestered to the tower came in quite handy after all!


Rapunzel attached the handmade hair ladder to the two hooks on the wall that held the portrait of her stepmother. She climbed down the ladder and was joyously reunited with her friends. Prince Flynn cried tears of happiness, which managed to dislodge the thorns in his eyes, thereby restoring his sight. They all agreed that Rapunzel looked pretty sassy with her new trendy spiky blond bob.

L’ancienne, Rapunzel, and Prince Flynn immediately paid a visit to Le Barn Antiques, where they were able to find a beautiful 18th century wrought iron bed, a freestanding gilded mirror with exquisitely simple beaded trim, and a unique wood-framed rattan settee, and they all lived happily (and comfortably) ever after!


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