About Us

“If only walls could talk,” states Kathy Sachs, the owner behind Le Barn Antiques, who has collected antiques for decades finally deciding to open her one-of-a-kind shop on her family estate.  “As artifacts pass from one generation to the next, each family adds its own stories to those items, expanding their function, use, and meaning. Just imagine the stories and memories these pieces hold within.” 

 In the eclectic showroom of Le Barn, visitors experience a blend of the passions that invigorate Kathy each and every day with a wide array of pieces from around the globe.

Guests may plan a visit to Le Barn to shop for antiques, but when they step onto the property for the first time, they are astounded by how much more Le Barn has to offer. Guests find themselves transported back into the farm life of the 1700’s, where drystone walls built during that era still wind through the fields and woods. Ten of the twenty-five original structures, which included cow barns, a chicken coop, a laundry house, and a baking house, still stand today. The perennial gardens and the grand, 350-year-old maple trees arching overhead, soaked in brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges during the fall, drape the property in color.

Kathy and Katharine, the owners of Le Barn Antiques, cherish family legacies and prize the stories that antiques naturally tell. This mother and daughter team live to help others design spaces that testify to the uniqueness of their spirits, that invigorate the air with adventures from years gone by, and that promise a future constantly blessed by the company of family and friends.

Kathy and Katharine had always longed to collaborate, but for quite a while, the stars never seemed to align to allow this partnership to happen. Now, this mother and daughter work together to guide their clients’ imaginations and home-decorating dreams to full realization. Kathy possesses a perceptive eye for identifying the world’s most remarkable antiques, and can enlighten any customer with an explanation of how and why a particular piece has evolved. Katharine contributes a progressive outlook on the business, as well as a knack for assimilating old and new pieces to create a room that appeals to all generations and tastes.

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The Le Barn Family has maintained this estate for over a century, and they intend to preserve it and share it with their guests for years to come. 

Le Barn offers a comprehensive inventory from a wide range of countries, including France, Italy, Burma, Thailand, and Mongolia. Antiques from these lands complement one another exquisitely and augment a home’s appearance and aura. Pairing the simplicity of a Chinese altar table with the intricate carvings of a French buffet reflects the richness of cultural differences and imbues a room with soul and charisma. Purchasing an antique from Le Barn gives clients a sense of connection not only to New England history, but to the history of nations all over the globe, and invites them to join a family that is utterly devoted to their craft, to pleasing and educating their customers, and to one another.

A pastoral New England upbringing was the fodder for Kathy’s affection for local farm life, and yet, within weeks of graduating from Harvard with a BA in Art History, her intense love for art compelled her to leave home and search the world for the most rare and captivating treasures she could find. At first, she embarked on these journeys on behalf of major companies such as the Boston Museum of Fine Art. But it didn’t take long for Kathy to turn her quests into opportunities to foster her own relationship to the art industry.

She founded an art importing business and became an independent art dealer. 

The recessions of the late 1970’s caused the unfortunate exile of art from corporate and personal budgets. However, people who wanted to increase the value of their homes for selling began seeking Kathy’s masterful aesthetic advice. She delved quite happily into interior decorating through her network of clients. By the late 1980’s, Kathy was consistently acquiring antiques for interested customers, and decided to commit to an even loftier goal: building a diverse inventory to start her own antique showroom.

In 1990, she renovated the horse barn on her family’s farm into that showroom, added an office, and moved from the D&D Building in New York City to the current-day home of Le Barn Antiques. 

Kathy knew immediately that she wanted to specialize in the French Country style. She felt that while dealers who promoted high-polished English and American antiques abounded, very few dealers of authentic French antiques had established their mark. In the 1990’s, many people began drifting from the custom of formal dining rooms and falling in love with the concept of multi-use, open-floor spaces. Kathy understood that the French Country pieces, with their patina and durability, fit seamlessly into the warmer, more casual, “great room” lifestyle. She quickly discovered her niche of expertise in the art field. Having grown up on the farm where Le Barn Antiques now resides, Kathy’s daughter Katharine adores the stunning setting of the family business. She also draws on her extensive understanding of communications to sustain positive and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Katharine graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, with a BA in the communications field, focusing on Advertising and Public Relations. She spent five years in Aspen, Colorado, working in interior design as well as event planning, marketing, and fundraising for non-profit organizations. She then moved to Sydney, Australia for three years, where she managed PR and event-planning for some of the finest global luxury-lifestyle brands. These extraordinary experiences abroad enhanced Katharine’s personal and professional identity. Still, her heart ached to return to the landscape that had nurtured her from an early age. In 2006, Katharine moved with her new husband to the family estate in Stamford.

Katharine worked for eight months in New York City for a leading event planner. Her job challenged her to conceive dynamic environments for both short- and long-term occasions. She loved creating atmosphere, making choices and mixing palates, setting a colorful stage to bring a celebration to life. Soon, Katharine decided to dedicate her talent and affinity for room design to a cause that was deeply important to her. She left her position in NYC and re-invested her time and energy in the business that her mother had already borne.

The patterns of everyday life and the imprints of time and age infuse a home and its furnishings with mystery, character, and ambience, and thus the texture of a family’s one-of-a-kind history.

We invite you to visit us. Bring a piece of Le Barn into your home and create your own stories and memories with incredible antiques and treasures.