Black is Beautiful!

Black is Beautiful!

The very darkest of colors, black is simply the absence of light, and the opposite of white. Mystery, elegance, and magic are immediately associated with the color black.


Black pairs well with all colors, and can be the accent or major influence in any room.


Black very willingly gives up the limelight in order to allow other colors to shine through.


Black is reflective and powerful.  Black represents the beauty of the evening sky.

darkness od sky

Black is the color of coal, the rock that when burned produces heat, or the more memorable stocking-stuffer for that naughty child around the Christmas holidays.

Coal Hue

There are variations within the color family black; there are cool black tones like bluish-black, and warm black tones like brownish-black.

Braounish bacl

Black is a fashion statement.

httpwww.stylebistro.comrunwayParis+Fashion+Week+Spring+2009ChanelDetailskVNL6XE-Y2S Chanel Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 tumblr_mgegq7JOnC1rctblpo1_500

Johnny Cash wore black all the time!


Bono wears black all the time!

bono-platform-shoes-13 bono-platform-shoes-12

In Japan, the color black symbolizes experience, seniority, and nobility. In China, black is one of the five main colors and symbolizes water and the north.

And any blog about the color black wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some other things associated with it like a black belt, a black hole, black magic, or a black light.

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