How surprised were we this morning when we opened to the Style section of the New York Times to find this article echoing what we just blogged about!!! Now it’s definitely confirmed. The New York Times agrees with Le Barn that men LOVE the color blue! 28zBLUE6_SPAN-articleLarge-v2 Click on the link to read the article: Click on the link to see the slide show: Stay tuned to the Le Barn blog for the most up to the minute fashion, style, and decorating trends! Subscribe here:

The Color Blue

Blue is the color of the deep sea and infinite sky.

Blue represents peace, trust, calm, and loyalty. Blue is the color of the fifth Chakra, the throat, which is associated with self-expression, the search for truth, and vivid imagination.

To the Egyptians, blue lapis represented Heaven […]

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The Color Lavender

Lavender is the palest tint of violet.
The color lavender includes a wide spectrum of light, subtle violet hues.Within the spectrum of lavender, the colors pink, magenta, and purple coexist.Indigo remains a distant cousin to lavender.Lavender is the color that represents femininity, in all of […]

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Black is Beautiful!

The very darkest of colors, black is simply the absence of light, and the opposite of white. Mystery, elegance, and magic are immediately associated with the color black.

Black pairs well with all colors, and can be the accent or major influence in any room.

Black very willingly […]

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