Scholar’s Table

Scholar’s tables are work tables used by Chinese literati painters and calligraphers. These are two attractive tables with reddish brown finish and highly decorative carvings of geometric and floral patterns. Chinese Scholars table Chinese Scholars Cabinet 1Both tables are finished from both sides, special carvings are repeated on the front and back side. Having both sides finished indicates that those tables were crafted for use for a person of some importance. ~Le Barn

The “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, different cultures celebrate by giving thanks for the blessings bountiful harvests bring. Although this celebration may have different names in different places around the world, the central sentiment is the same. Giving thanks.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of day […]

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We’re so sorry to have to report that due to numerous scheduling conflicts, Ladies Who Launch has decided to cancel the Autumn Harvest Dinner event that was to take place at Le Barn on Thursday evening, October 25.

We’ll let you know as soon as this […]

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UPDATE: Autumn Harvest Dinner

We had so much fun with all of you at our tent sale that we want to invite you over again!  And we’ve found the perfect venue!

Le Barn will host an exciting new event for Ladies Who Launch. Join us on October 25th for our […]

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