Summer at Le Barn

Le Barn’s Summer Makeover

September 4, 2014
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Labor Day has come and gone, which has always left us at Le Barn wondering how Summer came and went as if it were a single day. After the long and brutally cold winter of 2013, we were ecstatic to soak up some rays while reading a book, take a walk admiring the gardens and stunning flowers, and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, but it seems like we did not quite get our summertime fix, even as we roll into the month of September.

Le Barn was busy this summer with the addition of Katharine Sachs Lumby, Kathy’s daughter, joining the team. With a young creative eye and a deep appreciation for the stories that antiques hold (wonder where she got that from!), Katharine brings a fresh modern look to Le Barn, which one will quickly see with the website. We invite you to peruse the new site and learn more about the ideals and passion the company was founded on. Cruise through the new and easy to navigate ‘Shop Le Barn,’ which will have influx of new inventory this fall, and of course stay tuned with the new revamped blog, which will take on a creative lifestyle feel.

To start – Le Barn has decided we just aren’t quite ready to let go of summer, so stay tuned for some of our favorite summer getaways, recipes, and treasure finds that will help to extend your summer as well.

Happy Hunting,


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Still Another Day

“On a day when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.”


“Today when the sun began with its shafts to tell the story, so clear, so old, the slanting rain fells”…

Pablo Neruda […]

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French Duck Confit Pots

French duck confit pots….Nowadays we look at the pots and we admire different textures – glazed, unglazed, partially glazed, mustard yellows, bright yellows, or even rare shades of green. We use these pots for flowers, adding an element of style to kitchens, to give this “instant Proven […]

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The Most Romantic Picnic, Ever!

The weather forecast called for a sultry afternoon. The overcast morning skies were just beginning to clear. The couple planned to rendezvous for a picnic later that day in a secluded spot they found by the brook the last time they met. What to eat? What to pack […]

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