Celebrating The Holidays with Le Barn

Celebrating The Holidays with Le Barn

December 11, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Snow has started to fall; not hard enough to ruin or prohibit plans, but enough to put you in the spirit of the holidays. Holiday jingles play throughout stores, the Christmas Tree has been lit at Rockefeller, holiday cards are arriving in the mail and even a fabulous rendition of the classic Peter Pan was played out live on NBC. The Holidays are officially here, and we at Le Barn are embracing the cold weather with a warm cup of tea, lighting our pine candle and decorating our fire mantles.

With a few weeks left of the holiday season, Le Barn has compiled a list of the very best ways to celebrate with friends, family and children. Enjoy and stay tuned for our upcoming gift guides for him and her!

1. Pick and cut your very own tree: Throw on a flannel, pack a thermos of Hot Coco, and take a Saturday excursion into the country. Friends, couples, kids – pick your own tree and cut it down yourself. At the very least, it is one heck of a story to tell your guests at your holiday cocktail party. http://www.hellersfarm.com/


2. Santa’s Reindeer are in NY! Saturday, December 13th, 9-11am, St Regis. Photos in the sleigh. There’s a great holiday pop up shop too to warm your hands and toes while the kiddies play with Santa’s helpers.

3. Advent Calendar reinvented! Sweets are out, books are in. Wrap 25 Christmas books and label them 1-25. Each morning, the kids open a book from Santa rather than jump on the sugar high train as you pass them off to their teachers.


4. Decorate Decorate Decorate! Garland on the stair railing, mercury glass candles on the bar, wreaths on the door, stockings in place. Our favorite new holiday decoration for the season are these fabulous elf stocking holders. http://www.markrobertsfairies.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=11d3bbb84e25c59e52411a7f52bb4b58&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MRF&Product_Code=51-42174&Category_Code=Mark_Roberts_Stocking_Holder


5. Festive Dining: Tis to season to splurge on an overpriced meal at an overly decorated spot. Lucky Strike is dripping in twinkling lights. Rolf’s looks like Santa’s workshop exploded, making it is impossible to walk out not feeling festive. If you want to stare at a beautiful Christmas tree while dining, visit The Library at The NoMad. Dine at Lafayette to view gorgeous wreaths and garland, while also being able to pick up a few holiday treats at the pastry shop. Rosemary’s is the perfect spot for a holiday date with a Christmas tree you can see from three blocks away.

6. Bake Sweet Treats. Cookies shaped like snowflakes, or decorated with Santa’s face. Homemade gingerbread houses covered with your favorite candy. Healthy? Rudolph crackers are a quick, easy and healthy snack. Town House crackers make the best reindeer shape, but we use Glutino for our gluten free household—the round face tastes just as yummy! Add raisin eyes, a Craisin nose and pretzel antlers to finish your reindeer.


So get out there and start celebrating the most festive and wonderful time of year!