Alpha Romeo

The Most Romantic Picnic, Ever!

The weather forecast called for a sultry afternoon. The overcast morning skies were just beginning to clear. The couple planned to rendezvous for a picnic later that day in a secluded spot they found by the brook the last time they met. What to eat? What to pack? What to wear? A heady, giddy sense of anticipation begins to build. What type of story will unfold on this day? A romantic picnic is a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon or early evening, and Le Barn can provide the perfect carrier to take along. Our vintage English wicker basket evokes nostalgic, even whimsical and wild memories of picturesque literary moments in history shared in and around the concept of “the picnic.” Jane Austen’s Emma comes to mind immediately, where pigeon pie, cold lamb and awkward conversation were simultaneously served. And who could possibly forget D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love, where the very air around the characters was an aphrodisiac? Take Le Barn’s challenge to create your own enchanted day! Any or all of these suggestions will help build the perfect atmosphere and setting to reignite an old flame. Start by sending an old-fashioned hand written invitation to a picnic to your paramour. Have fun setting the rules of the day. Rent a vintage car to drive to your destination. Dress from a period in time that appeals to you most. Perhaps Emma (early 19th century), or Women in Love (early 20th century) would suit you. Our basket includes all the essentials to help you create your own alluring vintage afternoon. The wicker basket is in remarkably good condition. The inside components are complete with metal food containers to help keep food cold, cups, real china plates, knives and forks, including a space especially reserved for that perfect bottle of fashionable summer Rosé. Prepare cucumber and caviar tea sandwiches, a sweet summer salad of berries and reduced balsamic vinaigrette. Pair all this with Brie and butter biscuits, and chocolate covered strawberries to end the meal. Bring along a book of verse to recite over wine, and you have the makings of charmed afternoon that you are sure to remember for quite some time. Call Le Barn to set a date for a visit at 203-253-7286. We’d love to hear all about your planned picnic when you arrive!