Antique rice carriers

Chinese Rice Carriers

Le Barn has a wide assortment of versatile antique Chinese rice carriers for use as unusual organizers, which can be placed on display stands, or double as side tables and accent pieces in multiple places around your home.

 Rice carriers are usually medium size barrel-shape containers, which distinguish them from other types of storage units found in Chinese culture. Several sizes and styles are available to suit your taste.

 We carry a range of textures and colors that add an eclectic and novel touch to any décor. From ornate stenciled floral motifs to lush, rich warm wooden hues featuring bolder rustic patterning.

These sturdy yet graceful baskets come complete with their original round lids that fit snugly into the top of the container. Several baskets from our fine selection feature elaborately carved brass handles on either side, which give the basket a more classical feel.  We’re sure that any Chinese rice carrier you select from Le Barn’s collection will make an elegant impression in any room.  Future blogs will continue to showcase the fine assortment of Chinese vessels and storage containers that we have on site, so be sure to subscribe!

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