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We’re inviting you back to our tent sale!!!

Since we’ve already sold so many pieces we have room to add new pieces to our tent sale collection! Our 50% off sale continues through Sunday, October 7th. Come back and take a second look!

People are arriving in limos!

People are arriving in trucks!

People are arriving in limos that look like trucks. People are arriving any way they can to take advantage of this one time sale event! New pieces will be added as space allows, and prices will continue to be discounted by 50% through Sunday, October 7th! Hope to see you again, ~Le Barn

Taking Care of Old Furniture

Perhaps you’ve inherited a “slightly worn” piece of furniture or family heirloom. You know the one we’re talking about; that special piece of furniture that none of the other tribe members wanted but you.

Most likely, no one else in the family wanted this item because […]

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