blooming flowers

The Rain, and What That Brings

The weather has brought us some very dreary days over the past few weeks. We’ve experienced day after day of rain, which has been quite heavy at times.  Many people feel a touch of melancholia or depression when experiencing several rainy days in a row. This is quite common and it’s likely that spirits will lift once the sun shines through the clouds once again. Here at Le Barn, we love rainy days because of the promise of what rain brings. Eventually, we agree to trust Mother Nature, in all of her infinite wisdom to know what’s best for the earth. She proves herself right every time. As a result, our beautiful gardens begin to bloom. We watch the estate come to life with vivid colors that no painting could ever match, and the fragrant scent of flowers that the most expensive perfume could never compare with.  And sometimes, Mother Nature even leaves her calling card; a sweeping rainbow that captures the most elaborate colors in a glorious spectrum of light and the promise of summer’s bounty. Join us at Le Barn to take a tour of our flower gardens and our antiques collection. Call 203-253-7286 to schedule an appointment.