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I love Pinterest! ( It’s fascinating to me that somebody could have come up with such a simple concept, which makes it so much fun for users to share ideas and get inspiration from others. For example, just yesterday, I found the image below posted on Pinterest: e2c5398bb946ccb5ba6fc2280a10c8cf I immediately loved the stone walls and floors, and the archway leading outside to the green tree-lined walkway. It was interesting to see how the decorator paired the fruitwood desk with the ladderback Rush sitting chair. The chair’s seat is well worn, and the book has been paged through many times. A small glass of wine invites the viewer in; invites that person to sit in the chair, look though the stone wall arch, admire the trees, the grass, and wonder at the possibility of a vineyard at the end of the pathway. “It’s definitely France,” I told myself. At that moment, I felt quite inspired and up for a challenge. Could I possibly create a similar environment right here at Le Barn in Stamford, Connecticut, using this photo to conjure up the feeling of the French countryside? With the help of my assistant, we selected one of our favorite fruitwood desks. We found a cane-backed armchair with a classic marsh colored velvet seat cushion. We carried both pieces to one of Le Barn’s many fields on our 100-acre estate where we attempted to compose a parallel scene along the 200-year old authentic stone wall fence. The walls were built the traditional way, with stones fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle without the use of mortar (a separate art form on its own to be discussed in a future blog). We placed both pieces near an already existing wrought iron gate. We positioned an antique French confit pot, a vintage American green glass vase, and a vintage French picture frame on the turned-legged table. DSC_0089 We took few photographs. Our cane chair beckons you to sit down, relax and take in the beautiful rambling greenery, which lie just beyond the stone walls. Here are few more photos we took that day on the property at Le Barn:DSC_0100 DSC_0099 DSC_0094DSC_0097 We were so pleased with the similarities and contrasts to our original photo that we continued to shoot these pieces in different locations on the property to create a variety of settings. Here’s what we came up with: DSC_0119 Have we succeeded with our challenge? What do you think? We would love to hear from you. Come to Le Barn for a visit. We have so many interesting ideas to share. We truly have everything you could ever want to make your home a palace. Call Le Barn at 203-253-7286 for more information or to schedule a visit. Subscribe to our blog at: Some images posted on this page were taken from the internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. We try to credit the original source whenever information is available. The omission of copyright information is completely unintentional and the material will be removed or corrected immediately at the request of the owner. ~Le

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