Garden Goddess

The Green Garden Goddess

As you know by now from reading our blog, Le Barn is fortunate enough to be situated on one of the oldest estates in Connecticut. One hundred acres of pastoral land with over one hundred years of family history is bound to have some folklore, legend, or myth associated with it. At this point we know you well enough to share with you the legend of our Green Garden Goddess. Rumor has it that she has been watching over the farm and all living creatures, great and small, that have coexisted with us on the estate for over a century. Who are we to argue? Over the past year, we’ve shared images of so many spectacular living creatures that contently dwell in the forests on the property. And one look at our lush vegetable garden would attest to the fact that we believe that our Green Garden Goddess is still around helping to nurture the plants, vegetables, and animals. Although she might answer to another, trendier name these days, we absolutely and undoubtedly believe that she’s still around!!! Call us at 203-253-7286 to set an appointment for a visit, and to decide for yourself if our Green Garden Goddess exists! [slideshow]