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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I LOVE PINTEREST!


But today's inspiration was found on Tumblr.


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If you want to create a similar room design for the coming holiday's, look no further. Le Barn has it all!

21 Chandelier 08 Dining table w5leaves1 Pair of French crystal sconces2 16 Set of 6 white chairs

There are still two weeks left till Thanksgiving, and more than a month till Christmas and Chanukah. Come to Le Barn to create the ultimate festive dining room to share meals with family and friends as you celebrate the most cherished holiday's of the year!

Obviously, this beautiful room setting is not just for the holiday's, but for your family to enjoy year round. The white decor with gold and brown accent pieces are crisp, clean, and refreshing, just like a sunny, snowy holiday morning. Our oval vintage English table can accommodate up to 20 diners. Our chandelier's and sconce's with their hanging crystal pendants will sparkle and shine like the light in your children's eyes (or yours) when they begin opening their holiday gifts. The prisms cast rainbow colors against the walls, which usher in warm, magical holiday feelings into any room.

We would be happy ship directly to you, or even deliver it ourselves if you're relatively local.

You're just a phone call or a visit away from having a room just like this:


A room that reflects our inspiration for the holiday's.

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