lavender scent

The Color Lavender

Lavender is the palest tint of violet.Lavender

The color lavender includes a wide spectrum of light, subtle violet hues.9781324162812740_ovP61M2c_cWithin the spectrum of lavender, the colors pink, magenta, and purple coexist.33Indigo remains a distant cousin to lavender.1fb177d18346f4f8a21154868c87a13dLavender is the color that represents femininity, in all of her tranquil grace and elegance.9781324162812731_PQJfsFnH_c 9781324162812723_Kj6FHPTK_c 9781324162812813_wuTDp42L_c

It inspires creative and intuitive thinking. Lavender is spiritual, reflective, and meditative in nature.Chakra1The lavender colored quartz crystal, amethyst, is said to have protective qualities over its AmethystiThe scented oil from the herb lavender relieves stress and anxiety, and helps to promote relaxation and lavender productsSophisticated and confident, lavender is not intimidated by other colors and will find a way to compliment any.

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And of course, being French by design, we must give an honorable mention to our beloved fields of lavender in the Provincial countryside. LV1 afd6a320deefe4714e50b28d2c5efd07LV3 df503654e3d9c71ec48c2d06e65bc001 - Copy All images posted on this page, unless otherwise noted, were borrowed from the Internet and to the best of our knowledge, reside in the public domain. We will always site the source whenever it is available. No images were used for profit or commercial purposes. In the event of an unintentional error, please contact us immediately. The material will be removed at the request of the artist.

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