luohan beds

Chinese Day Beds

It’s no secret that Le Barn is well known for having some of the most interesting and unique pieces on the antiques circuit today.  However, this time, they’ve even surpassed themselves! Clearly, Le Barn can now add the word “exotic” to the list of adjectives typically used to describe some of their fine collectibles. Le Barn welcomes you to explore their beautiful selection of Chinese day beds. Day beds are equivalent to, and are most commonly compared to trundle beds. The idea is the same, but a typical Chinese day bed is made from wood and often has a decorative lacquered rattan mat imbedded into the center of the design. The legs are relatively short and either bowed in style or recessed with flanges and usually showcases intricate carvings. The Chinese considered these beds to be quite useful and practical because they served several purposes. The lightweight piece could be moved from place to place and double as a tabletop, supplementary seating, sleeping, or for quiet relaxation and meditation in a variety of rooms. Regardless of its use, Chinese day beds are composed of clean, uncomplicated lines and convey a sense of simple elegance. Did you know that the Chinese are acknowledged in history as the culture that originated the idea of a raised platform as a bed? Also, the more trundle-like beds, which incorporated side rails and backs were called “luohan beds.” As an interesting side bar, during the 1800’s these beds were also found in opium dens. Today, these wonderful day beds are just right for using as coffee tables. With a few cushions, they can provide a charming addition to any room as the perfect love seat. Le Barn’s expert decorators can provide their assistance by helping you select a versatile fabric that blends in with your home’s décor. Not only that, Le Barn can have your cushions custom made to fit the specific day bed of your choice. Come to Le Barn to explore their exotic collection of Chinese day beds. Call for an appointment at 203-253-7286.