The Multi-Purpose French Wire Wine Rack

These unique wine bottle-drying racks were a common sight in almost every French Chateau dating back to the 1800’s. Their purpose was to provide a temporary place to collect, dry, and store empty wine bottles for return to the wine maker (for refill, of course).

These whimsical bottle holders prove to be a beautiful, yet practical addition to any home. There are so many uses for this well loved traditional French kitchen item. The wire racks range in size, so you can select one that suits your particular needs.

[caption id="attachment_323" align="aligncenter" width="246" caption="French Vintage Wine Rack"]French Vintage Wine Rack[/caption]

For example, the taller five-tier rack can be set on a counter in the kitchen to display small pots and pans. It could be used as the centerpiece on a buffet table for a stylish self-serve stemware stand. Enhance this rack further by wrapping a string of small LED Christmas lights around the central vertical column, then dim the lights for a special romantic touch.

The three-tier racks can sit next to or in a kitchen sink to safely dry just washed drinking glasses. Depending on the size of the pegs, this rack can be used as an organizer in your craft room to hold spools of ribbon or thread. If you are a knitter, you can use the rack to store extra balls of yarn waiting to be used. You might even want to use the rack for hanging necklaces or bracelets from the pegs in order to prevent them from becoming tangled in your jewelry box.

[caption id="attachment_319" align="aligncenter" width="279" caption="French Vintage Wine Rack-set up as Christmas Tree"]French Vintage Wine Rack-set up as Christmas Tree[/caption]

To bring this writing full circle and back to the original purpose of the wine bottle-drying rack, you can do your part and contribute to the planet’s effort to “go green” by rinsing and drying any bottle on the rack prior to placing it in the recycling bin.

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