The Seasonal Decorator; Inspirations from Le Barn Antiques

Spring leading into summer is always a time of renewal. With months of dreary cold weather behind us, it’s only natural to refresh and quench our thirst for something exciting and new by turning our attention towards brightening up our indoor and outdoor living space. Redecorating your home and garden should be both fun and functional, but we could easily get caught up and exasperated by the process if we don’t know where to seek inspiration. At Le Barn, we always give this advice; turn to nature. DSC_0212a Throughout time, nature has always been a source of inspiration for every artist. Why not for a decorator as well? Combining colors and fabrics that replicate the warm hues and beauty of nature can never be a wrong choice. Remember that this should be a pleasurable experience and that there are no rules to apply. Whatever appeals to your individual senses is the right approach. Once you make the commitment to begin, new ideas will give birth to each other with each forward step in this creative process. DSC_0172a Since we’re seeking inspiration from nature, we’ll begin by developing an inviting color palette. Take a moment to sit on your patio or deck with pen and paper and simply jot down what you see. Complimentary colors of green, yellow, ochre, blue, white, brown, and orange immediately leap out. Remember that the tone of these colors will change as the light changes throughout the day. DSC_0124a DSC_0081a Next, we’ll select a main soft base color from this palette to which we’ll add accent colors and rich textures to enhance the room and generate interest. The soft green fabrics depicted here play off the richness of dark brown wood. The variety of textures, within the fabrics, range from large organic floral patterns to small linear checks and stripes. Natural light filtering through windows reflects the fabric’s sheerness and embossments, which add subtle intensity and round out the room. DSC_0177a Outdoor spaces present similar challenges. Here, we focus on large pieces of green, yellow, ochre, and blue pottery urns to compliment the beauty of flower gardens, trees, and stonewalls. At Le Barn, we believe in changing with the seasons. We’re organic beings that change with the seasons as well. Our living spaces should reflect these changes and express who we are as individuals and families. If home is where the heart is, then why not make your living space the place you long to be in. Contact Le Barn at 203-253-7286 to schedule an appointment to visit our antiques showroom, or to speak with our experienced decorators. Subscribe to our informative blog at: lebarnantiques.com. ~Le Barn