Muhl in the Morning Room

We take a lot of inspiration from the artist, Roger Muhl. Its no surprise that Muhl knew very early in his life that he would become a painter. The Strasbourg, France native focused his studies on painting at the National School of Decorative Arts in order to hone his skills. He painted continuously and as a result he eventually began to be noticed and very soon thereafter embraced by the public. As with many artists, light was his passion and he was especially attracted to the spectacular tone of light in the South of France, specifically Mougins, where he resided until his recent death in 2008.

Mulh 1

Muhl’s much loved still lives and seascapes, Mediterranean gardens and vegetation, and lucious landscapes are a true inspiration to any interior decorator. His calm and contemplative approach to the subjects within his work resulted in simple compositions which created a refreshingly light, crisp, and casual atmosphere. Mulh 2

Imagine a room in your home with the same uncluttered feel. We’re sure this room would quickly become your favorite place to relax with family on weekend mornings while savoring the first cup of coffee of the day. Our experienced team of designers at Le Barn can effortlessly translate Muhl’s style into a three dimensional living space. For example, many of Muhl’s works incorporate a single color that dominates the canvas. The majority of the rest of his color palette uses analogous colors close in tone and value, which when paired together create serene and contemplative feelings. However, a touch of a complementary color usually appears in small quantity in order to create a bit of vibrancy and contrast.mulh 3

In very much the same way as the artist working on canvas, Le Barn selects a dominant color for a room along with several colors that blend together well. This dominant color could be the tone of the furniture itself, a piece of fabric or upholstery, or perhaps the accessories in a room. The complementary, or accent color selected would be bright and stimulating, but used sparingly.

[caption id="attachment_5475" align="alignnone" width="500"] What inspires a painter to paint? So many things that it’s impossible to account for all of them! One thing we’re sure of is that all artists are enticed by lush and seductive colors, as well as the presence or lack of light[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5474" align="alignnone" width="500"] Roger Mulh and Le Barn arrangement with fabrics[/caption]

photo 2 Mulh 5--1175290_718289534864036_1318928590_n

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