splash of orange colorSchumacher

The Color of Orange

This is the time of year when rich, dynamic, powerful autumnal hues of orange color march into our lives. While red is associated with heat, orange hues are associated more with the warmth of the sun. In China and Japan, orange symbolizes happiness and love. Native Indians used orange colored spices to jazz things up when life got dull. I read somewhere once that if you needed a change of any kind in your life burn an orange candle for 7 days in a row. Here is how orange hues look on the runway:   Look here if all you need is a splash of orange color: Source for the photos above: http://www.efashiontrend.net/summer-2012-fashion-colors-the-orange-for-an-aggressive-look-and-chic.html Here how Schumacher interprets orange this fall: Source for this photo is: http://www.fschumacher.com/ This is how other colors can enhance and make the color orange even more vivid: Source for this photo is: http://www.barbaragilbertinteriors.com/inspiring-ideas/decorating-by-the-color-wheel/ And this is how Le Barn will look in just 2-3 weeks.