April Showers Bring More May Flowers

April Showers Bring More May Flowers

Yellow Tulips under Moon Light

Yellow Tulips under Moon Light

We’ve just survived a pretty harsh winter. While we were warm inside, our gardens and landscapes suffered through extreme weather conditions over the past several months.

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to assess the damage that winter brought on and begin coaxing our gardens back into shape. Maintaining the landscape of the property on which you live is a great investment overall, simply because your home is probably your greatest asset.

Red Tulip  & Purple Tulip

Red Tulip & Purple Tulip

They say that first impressions are lasting. The first thing a visitor arriving at your home sees is the land on which your home sits. A well-groomed landscape and garden is essentially an easy way to make a great first impression!

Here are a few tips from Le Barn to help get your property ready for a beautiful transition from spring into the summer months ahead:

1)     Clean up. This includes getting rid of any trash, fallen limbs, or dead leaves that have accumulated over the winter months

2)     Reseeding. Your lawn is probably in desperate need of reseeding in patches that might not have survived the cold

3)     Pruning. Trimming back bushes and shrubs provides an opportunity to maintain healthy growth. You can create a more manicured landscape by contouring bushes and shrubs into interesting shapes

4)     Flowers. Planting an assortment of flowers can create a medley of lasting, radiant color throughout the summer months. Don’t forget that additional flowers can be grown in pots and tubs as well

5)     Watering. Regular watering is essential and necessary.

As an aside, many tests have been conducted and confirm that having a pleasant conversation with your garden could affect the rate of growth. Far-fetched notion, or fact? Why not try it and decide for yourself (we promise not to tell anyone).

White Flowers with Bee

May Sun Shadows – Looking Le Barn from inside out

May Sun Shadows – Looking at Le Barn from inside out