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Le Barn’s Chinese Wedding Marriage Basket

Each unique antique at Le Barn has a history and story of its very own to tell. There is something especially magical about a piece associated with the union of two people about to make a life-long commitment to each other. Le Barn’s Chinese Wedding Marriage Basket featured today speaks to that romantic union. So many questions arise when looking at this delightful piece! Was the bride beautiful? Was the groom charming? Was the marriage arranged? Were they in love from the start or did they grow to love each other? How did their lives take shape once joined as one? How many children did they have and what became of them? Did the family continue to use the basket for special occasions? Traditionally, these baskets were filled with dried fruits, nuts, and sweets and were presented to the bride and groom at the wedding. Chinese culture depends heavily on symbolism to communicate messages through artwork. This basket is decorated with an array of endearing hand-painted flowers, birds, and fruit branches that represent prosperous new beginnings, long life, and luck. The piece is made from bamboo, a symbol of longevity, flexibility, and strength. Perhaps partners can learn a vital lesson about marriage from bamboo; it bends, but does not break. [caption id="attachment_73" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Chinese Wedding Basket"]Chinese Wedding Basket[/caption] This enchanting Chinese Wedding Marriage Basket (circa mid-1800’s) has three separate detachable round boxes, which are fitted to neatly stack one upon the other. The basket features a distinct cream color background. Its original brass handle is securely perched on top of solid bamboo arms. Although there are visible signs of wear and paint loss that come with age, overall, this lovely Chinese Wedding Marriage Basket has survived the test of time and remains in good condition. This splendid basket can be used to create interest in a vacant entryway, or it can sit in the corner of a hall at the top of a staircase. It can be showcased on a small table in a master bedroom, bathroom or office. The baskets are versatile enough to be used for practical storage while creating whimsical appeal that is sure to spark conversation. And, if by chance, you happen to know of a special couple about to be wed, you might want to present this one-of-a-kind treasure as a gift. Fill it with love, good wishes, and of course, the finest sweets. Call 203-253-7286 to schedule a visit. Ask for Nana

Lamps that Shine at Le Barn

Le Barn offers a very versatile assortment of lovely lamps that have had previous lives as vases, balusters, wine bottles, rattan containers, or candlestick holders.

                  Bee Hive Lamp Light
We’ve skillfully transformed the beautiful pieces displayed in these images into table lamps. These are only a few […]

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Half-round Barn Window Mirror

Today’s feature piece, a rustic old barn window (circa 1850), is an extraordinary addition to Le Barn’s collection.

Farmers began to make windows like this a permanent addition to their barns in the early 1800’s upon realizing the healthy benefits of sunlight on their farm […]

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