New Uses for Old Things – Part II

The feedback was great from Part I of New Uses for Old Things, so Le Barn is excited to share the next round of household items with multi-use.

This Week...Contain and Organize

Hair Elastic as Flower Bouquet Holder

hair   hair 2

Create an arrangement without foam. Simply wrap a clear or black hair tie around the stems, then let the flowers naturally fall. Great for wide-mouth vases.

Picture Frame as Dry-Erase Board


Because your to-do list is consistently changing, and it shouldn't loo like an office conference room. Frame a piece of wallpaper or fabric, then jot notes on the glass with a dry-erase pen.

Tights as Gift-Wrap Holder


Ever ripped open the plastic wrap and never been able to keep wrapping paper in the tight roll it is supposed to stay in? Cut tights you are ready to get rid of, and slide them on to keep the rolls in storage shape.

Nail Polish as Key Coder


Never fumble at the front door again. ID each key with a color so you can grab it in a flash.

Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers


Organize every drawer with nearly no cost. Cut shoe boxes in half along length or width, and will compartments with items that easily get disorganized.

File Sorter as Cupboard Organizer


Save space and stay organized. Whether drying items on the counter, or placing them in cupboard, this easy fix will keep your kitchen looking good and leave you feeling organized.

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