Springtime at Le Barn

Springtime at Le Barn

Although we were lucky enough to have an incredibly warm winter and we’ve been spared the harsh impact that snow sometimes brings, there’s nothing as joyful as waking up one morning to realize that the flowers, shrubs, and trees around us are actually beginning to bloom!  Spring is finally here in all her vibrant glory! The monochromatic palette of winter is cheerfully being replaced with broad color strokes of the new season and the promise that summer’s bounty is not that far away.
Spring is a time of rebirth, and everything that has been dormant is coming back to life. We especially want to share this is symbolic time with you by inviting you to join us on a virtual journey as we walk the historic estate that is part of Le Barn.

The cutting garden is just beginning to blossom with wild arrays of color as the sunny faces of daffodil beds sprinkled around the property reach up to greet the morning sky. The specimen trees are shaking off their winter blues and their branches are alluringly topped with youthful budding pods, which wait impatiently for their turn to shine.

Right now, our Yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom throughout the property; their pink petals remain open for approximately 14 days and reminding us of the history of cherry blossom trees in the United States. In the early twentieth-century, the gift of thousands of cherry trees were given to us by Japan symbolizing the durable friendship between our two countries. This started our love affair with cherry trees, and we have planted, nurtured, cultivated, and preserved them along with the rest of the grounds at Le Barn.

We have a spectacular array of garden pots, which are available in multiple sizes and colors. Our expert gardening team would be happy to make planting suggestions so that you could create beautiful combinations of flowering and green potted gardens of your own to add a burst of color or accent a particular space in front of your home, on your back deck, or around your pool.

Our outdoor furniture is currently on display and available to help you begin to enjoy the next five months of relaxation time with nature, surrounded by beautiful items from Le Barn’s spring collection.

Call ahead to 203-253-7286 to schedule a visit and we’ll be sure to take you on a personalized tour of Le Barn, its breathtaking property, and the outdoor furnishings and accent pieces that will help make your home the ultimate springtime paradise.