This or That…

May 28, 2015
We recently stumbled upon a This or That feature story, and it got us thinking how easily you can bring your favorites from your closet right to your home decor. In fact, you just might prefer the accent in your living room over your wrist, or in your kitchen over your shirt. A striped summer tee, or a striped canvas outdoor chair? tumblr_m575si6JQR1r97ll5o1_500 Furn_Chr_Director_Stripe_Blue_White_DC07-02_sh-819x1024 Rose gold pendants/salad bowl or a watch? 773576f471c8fc31f7df1b077e511901 mkwat4041211784_q1_1-0_336x596 A navy and orange room or navy and orange silky long gowns. 045b6539c273d662b27f189b7f3031c0 tumblr_nndhh3uo7E1togs3vo1_500 A classic white leather/gold handbag or similarly toned chair? Screen-Shot-2015-05-14-at-6.22.17-PM 2ae22b29b1498e3fd95de7a4eda2d950 Green palm frond print wallpaper or blouse? 29433-Equipment-Reese-Paradise-Palm-Print-Blouse-for-Women-1 35881762_038_b-683x1024 Marble walls or marble clothing? living-room-tv-background-wall-of-marble-decoration-effect b84f74c98b5b1d6d2848c7fd241e23a6