Create Your “Perfect at Home Bar” with Le Barn

September 26, 2014

It’s Fri-Yay! And the weather is crisp and beautiful; our favorite type of early Autumn day where you still sense the beauty of summer but slowly but surely warm up to the idea of Fall. To celebrate the weekend, we put forward out Lust List for the perfect at home bar. You don’t always have to go out to have a great time; invite friends over and feel comfortable, and impress!, your guests with your very own at home bar. The alcohol is a necessity, but the presentation and supplies are even more important to make your bar catch their eye.


The first key is to have a designated place for the bar, whether it is a side table, a cupboard or an actual portable bar. This stunner from Crate&Barrel mixes beautiful wood with a modern feel. The rustic gray piece available from Le Barn is another look that can offer multi-use functionality while also wowing guests with an open display.

All bars need a personal touch, whether it be a photo or a book or your favorite scented candle. Bring the last days of summer into your home with a beautiful flower in a bud vase, or have a dish to unload keys or pocket change. Make your bar represent you in some shape of form. It will immediately make your guests feel at home.

Don't forget a bar tray. Keep your bar top looking fresh, clean and organized.

Every bar needs a specialty glass – copper mugs for an on-trend Moscow mule, or unique rocks glasses that can be used for a multitude of drinks are a great starting point. Le Barn’s vast collection of accessories, such as these two glass sets, will guarantee an interesting conversation starter.

Decanters not only serve a purpose for the alcohol, but can be a great way to spice up a bar at home. Le Barn has many antique crystal pieces that are one of a kind. We also love these animal head versions available online.

Come by or contact us at Le Barn, and let us help you make your bar unique!

Happy Weekend, K2

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