Early-American wooden toolboxes

Hand-Blown Green Glass Bottle

We wanted to tell you about a very special favorite collectible that we have at Le Barn. A medium size blown green glass bottle, which could easily be made into a side table lamp. The glass has a warm deep-green hue with great clarity and color. The neck is long and thin, approximately five inches in length, and quickly graduates from the shoulder into a balloon-style body, ending at a stable base. A pintail mark is evident at the base of the bottle, which indicates that the glass was hand-blown. The approximate size of the piece is fourteen inches in total. Many tiny bubbles are evident in the piece, overall, which adds to its particular charm and uniqueness. As an additional service, Le Barn can safely wire and attach lamp bases, harps and bulb clips so you don’t have to! Our skilled decorators can also help narrow the enormous selection of lampshades to choose from and help match the appropriate shade to the glass bottle so that the integrity of the original piece is maintained. Please remember to bring several photos of the rooms you’re thinking of placing your new lamp in. Seeing the décor of your home will assure that our decorator’s suggestions complement and enhance your style. Le Barn believes that a little imagination can go a long way. We have so many vintage items that can easily be transformed into lamps. You’ll go home with a one-of-a-kind light source that will surely become a conversation piece.

Taking Care of Old Furniture

Perhaps you’ve inherited a “slightly worn” piece of furniture or family heirloom. You know the one we’re talking about; that special piece of furniture that none of the other tribe members wanted but you.

Most likely, no one else in the family wanted this item because […]

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Little Things Mean A Lot!

Have you ever wondered how to easily accessorize your home with interesting antique accents that complement any décor? This blog is the first of several that will appear from time to time to highlight Le Barn’s special collection of smaller showcase pieces, which you can spontaneously […]

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April Showers Bring More May Flowers

We’ve just survived a pretty harsh winter. While we were warm inside, our gardens and landscapes suffered through extreme weather conditions over the past several months.

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to assess the damage that winter brought on and begin coaxing our […]

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