French vintage

Wine Tasting Table

Our rustic French wine tasting tables, circa 1800–1850, were created specifically for sampling the latest vintage ready for release to the pubic. This much anticipated occasion was festive and joyful, yet serious. Wine producing families, friends, and favored patrons unfolded this table and gathered ‘round in the vineyard to evaluate the clarity, aroma, bouquet, weight, flavor, finish, and the potential success of a particular harvest. These vintage tables were also found in wine cellars throughout France. The flip top feature enabled the table to be set up as needed, and then fold back up tightly and tucked against a wall for compact storage in order to conserve space in small wine caves. Le Barn has several sturdy, yet elegant wine tasting tables in a variety of shapes and sizes. These versatile pieces are perfect for placing in any room where space is a concern. Simply open the table to its horizontal position when you need it, and refold it vertically when you don’t. These lovely fruitwood tables are certainly durable enough to be left open permanently and used as the main gathering table in any dining room or kitchen. It’s worth noting that even today, at some of the finest vineyards in France, wine tasting tables await you. Upon your arrival, these spirited tables come away from the wall as if they were a piece of enchanted furniture from the fairy tale La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast), and presto! A wine tasting is in progress! Think of the stories these authentic tables could tell! Schedule a visit to Le Barn today to see our amazing collection of wine tasting tables. Call us at 203-253-7286. Visit our new website at!    

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