New Uses for Old Things – Part 3

April 29, 2015
It continues. Spring Cleaning! Enjoy these new uses for old things. Hair Dryer as Mirror Defogger hair After a shower, quickly clear a steamed-up mirror with a blast of hot or cold air. Magic! Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo baby Bottle empty, in a panic? Don't have time to wash and blowdry? Sprinkle baby powder on roots and brush through, and your hair will look fresh and full of life! Lightbulb as Ribbon Dewrinkler light Smooth out that grosgrain before it festoons a gift by holding it taut over a clean and warm, not hot, lightbulb. Flatiron as Touch-up Tool flat When you are pressed for time, combat creases on shirt collars, cuffs, plackets and hems with the straightening iron for hair. Instant! Salad Spinner as Sweater Dryer ab The spinner's centrifugal force helps to whirl away excess water and speed up drying. After giving it a spin, lay flat and it will be dry before you know it. Give it the kickstart!

Taking Care of Old Furniture

Perhaps you’ve inherited a “slightly worn” piece of furniture or family heirloom. You know the one we’re talking about; that special piece of furniture that none of the other tribe members wanted but you.

Most likely, no one else in the family wanted this item because […]

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