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Powerful Lamps

February 11, 2015
Decorating and creating your home is a marathon, not a sprint. You should take the time to invest in your space. Doing this allows your eye to find a fabulous accent, an antique that tells a story, or a piece of art that was purchased on your most treasured holiday. Le Barn loves the power of accents. Whether it be a pop of color through a coffee table book, specialty throw pillows or statement coasters, these small touches should never be overlooked when creating your perfect space. This week, Le Barn wanted to introduce you to one of America’s premier lamp designers. Based in Manhattan, with an active showroom where these one of a kind pieces are created, Christopher Spitzmiller has followed his passion in designing and creating handmade lamps that are fully customizable. “I like making things that enrich people’s lives,” he says, “treasured objects that will long outlive me.” mix More like sculptures than light fixtures, the lamps come in over 50 colors and varied shapes and sizes. These pieces of art are not only a favorite of some of the country’s leading interior designers, but have been purchased for the Oval Office and Oprah’s desk. "I can't tell you what a thrill it is to see, on CNN or 60 Minutes, Obama talking to some dignitary or diplomat, and there's one of my lamps," Mr. Spitzmiller says. It takes Mr. Spitzmiller and his team six to eight weeks to make a lamp from start to finish. If he is creating a new shape, Mr. Spitzmiller spends three to five days throwing it on the wheel. His team then makes a mold of the original, which they can use to make larger batches and fulfill future orders. All of the lamps are then fired, glazed, fitted with a hand-turned hardwood base, and wired for electricity on site. While his lamps usually sell for $1,000 to $4,000 apiece, the Carleton line, which is available via his website, retails for $700 to $975 each. blue white red white

The Color Gold

Gold is the color of success, abundance, luxury, and prosperity. 
Gold is always optimistic and positive.
Gold is equated with power and energy.

It illuminates all things with its richness and warmth.

Wearing gold infuses the body with a feeling of well-being.

Gold never wears, corrodes, or […]

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Late October

Autumn trees,

Blue skies within reach

… and a single hawk flying by

~ Le […]

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Wine Tasting Table

Our rustic French wine tasting tables, circa 1800–1850, were created specifically for sampling the latest vintage ready for release to the pubic. This much anticipated occasion was festive and joyful, yet serious. Wine producing families, friends, and favored patrons unfolded this table and gathered ‘round in the […]

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