Old Farm

Thanksgiving, 2013

At Le Barn, we’re so thankful that we’ve been able to continue to live and work on this beautiful property...the same property that has been in our family for over 100 years. When our family first purchased this land, the Merritt Parkway was just being built and it took over a half day to travel here from New York City, as hard as that is to imagine in these modern times! fall_0 As I walk the property today, the fall leaves are turning gold, red, yellow, and orange. I notice that my favorite tree, a 350-year-old specimen maple, is starting to shed its incredible palmate leaves. For me, the fallen leaves trigger the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is close at hand, and as always, it reminds me of all the good fortune that I’ve experienced throughout my life. 055941fec3c811e2b61322000a1f9358_7-1 Once again, as I’ve done for so many years, I bend down to pick up and admire one of the many brightly colored maple leaves. The leaf reminds me of my family.  A five lobed pointed leaf; three of the lobes representing generations past, the fourth representing the newest generation that we continue to nurture and grow, and the fifth lobe holding the promise of a future generation yet to be born, a distant hope in my heart. 1395392_756314871061502_470888177_n The strong mid rib runs through the central part of the leaf to each of its lobes. It provides support and delivers essential nutrients to the smaller veins and netting that combine to shape and sustain the leaf. A family works in much the same way. Memories of previous generations act as mid ribs, which are the roots of each family’s history, foundation, and strength. More recent generations depend and build upon older generations to continue to establish and maintain family values and traditions. The old and new generations bond to create a strong web of netting that can never be broken. What better time to remember this, and cleave to family than during this Thanksgiving season? 523557_756314821061507_495522001_n Simply said, from my family to yours, best wishes for a wonderful, warm, and nurturing Thanksgiving!

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