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Tent Sale Update!!!

Le Barn is located at: 457 Webbs Hill Road, Stamford, CT 06903. Call for details at 203-253-7286. Visit our website at Read our informative blog: Here’s what’s going on right now behind the scenes at Le Barn as we get ready for our first tent sale which will take place on Wednesday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 7th, from 10AM–6PM. OUR TENT IS UP!!! Our container holding our featured pieces is just about ready to be unpacked!!!  Remember that Wednesday, October 3rd is our special “first dibs” preview day. Read more here:

Chinese Rice Carriers

Le Barn has a wide assortment of versatile antique Chinese rice carriers for use as unusual organizers, which can be placed on display stands, or double as side tables and accent pieces in multiple places around your home.
 Rice carriers are usually medium size barrel-shape containers, which […]

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Vintage Rattan and Bamboo Chaise Lounge

For just one moment, imagine yourself transported back in time. You are a fortunate passenger on a spectacular steamship journey destined for Europe. As you stroll the promenade of the upper deck, enjoying the warmth of the sun, the view of the turquoise ocean, and the aromatic briny […]

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The Multi-Purpose French Wire Wine Rack

These unique wine bottle-drying racks were a common sight in almost every French Chateau dating back to the 1800’s. Their purpose was to provide a temporary place to collect, dry, and store empty wine bottles for return to the wine maker (for refill, of course).
These […]

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