reuse baked ham

Ham It Up

March 4, 2015
It seems like winter is not leaving us in 16 days. It is still snowing. The roads are still icy. The temperatures are still frigid. With that weather comes the need to find new recipes and a craving to make winter meals more creative. So here you have it; buy a ham. There are many companies with baked hams on the market. We personally love the honey baked style. It is the perfect end-of-winter meal when entertaining as it requires little attention and no fuss. But the best part about it? Leftovers. Enjoy our ideas of how to continue to enjoy the ham for days to follow. Cheese and Ham Omelette - omelette Vegetable Soup, Add Ham - soup Croque Monsieur - sand Ham Tetrazzini - ham Ham Quiche - quiche Pizza - pizza Loaded Potato - potato Chef's Salad - salad