Jumping Ahead and Giving Back

As we jump into 2015, Le Barn continues to be thankful for the wonderful and exciting year that 2014 brought. Reconnecting with past clients and expanding relationships with new ones, welcoming new designers to the showroom and assisting designers we have worked with in the past find the perfect antique for their clients, launching a new website with new imagery and an easy to use shopping application, finding homes for antiques from NYC all the way to California, and much much more. It is the people we connect with that makes Le Barn all the fun that it is, so we thank you for continuing to be a part of our Le Barn community. At the end of every year, with the holidays in full effect, everyone seems to get a "giving back bug," and the generosity of people shines bright. It's an exciting time of year full of family and friends, but seeing the generosity, kindness and selflessness that exists in humanity is humbling. It is amazing to see large companies jump on the bandwagon creating lines that specifically give back. We at Le Barn wanted to share some of our favorites, and inspire you to not only think about others at the end of the year, but why not start the year with an act of selflessness. In honor of this idea, Le Barn is offering 10% of your total purchase from now through President's Day Weekend. With that 10% value, we will donate the full amount to a charity or organization of YOUR choice. Let's work together to help others and make a difference in someone else's life. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015! FEED - One of our all time favorites. It started with a burlap bag. 1 bag, purchased enough food for 1 child for 1 year. The company grew, grew, and grew from there. eed GARMENTS FOR GOOD - J CREW X THE DAVID SHELDRICK WILDLIFE TRUST - Every year, 30,000 elephants are in Africa are poached. Thanks to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, elephants are being saved and rehabilitated. J Crew is giving 100% of proceeds back to this foundation. ele THE GIVING KEYS - We all know a pay it forward story. So why not be a part of one. key KIDS AND ART - Know a child battling cancer, or an artist who has a big heart? Encourage them to get involved with this life changing organization. cancer THE CITIZENRY - An amazing company that unites the world through products and helping locals. This throw is a gorgeous example. throw CATHERINE"S TABLE - A wide array of unique and soulful gifts that give back. Beautiful dinner plates, salad servers and many more touches that will make for a "feel good" dinner party. plate THREE AVOCADOS - Water is one of the most valuable gifts one can give. Enjoy your coffee every morning knowing you are making a difference. off POPINJAY - With these high-end handbags, you are helping a woman become self-sufficient on her own hourly wage. Look good while helping others. bag These are just a few of our favorite companies who have joined forces to give back. We welcome you to Le Barn, and we look forward to helping give back to an organization of YOUR choice soon. Shop or call us to schedule an appointment at 203-253-7286.