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Restore Your Antiques


With the seasons changing, and the talk of the Polar Vortex II soon to arrive, it is the perfect time of year to fix, repair and restore any items in need of a little tender, love and care. Antiques are stunning pieces that can change any room, adding character, stories, and charm, but they also need to be maintained and taken care of every so often. Le Barn has our very own carpenter, who not only restores, but also can alter pieces to perfectly fit your needs. Whether you need your coffee table a bit shorter or your bedside table painted to match the palate of your room, we have the resources to help you get this done. Contact Le Barn to help assist in all your needs, whether looking for a new piece, or just wanting to repair or restore your very own. We love nothing more than seeing an old antique shine after a beautiful restoration! table       table2  

Happy Restoring, K2

Wine Tasting Table

Our rustic French wine tasting tables, circa 1800–1850, were created specifically for sampling the latest vintage ready for release to the pubic. This much anticipated occasion was festive and joyful, yet serious. Wine producing families, friends, and favored patrons unfolded this table and gathered ‘round in the […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The mirror. The most ancient apparatus for physical and spiritual reflection. Renowned throughout time for its mythical and enchanting powers.

Le Barn has a number of unique antique freestanding and framed mirrors for you to consider on your next visit.

Call ahead for an appointment at 203-253 […]

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