Le Barn Collections

French Corner Cabinet

Very authentic French corner cabinet with original hardware and hooks inside cabinet. It has an interesting grain on the doors. Simple yet attractive, versatile piece for your home, useful in the hallways, bedrooms, kitchen or the family rooms. It is from early 1800s and measures as: W 44 D 31.25 H 74.75 Info@LeBarn.com

Le Barn is not just Home to Treasures

Le Barn is not just a home to treasures from all around the world; it is also home to many creatures!


Praying Mantis

Wild Turkey […]

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Hand-Blown Green Glass Bottle

We wanted to tell you about a very special favorite collectible that we have at Le Barn. A medium size blown green glass bottle, which could easily be made into a side table lamp.

The glass has a warm deep-green hue with great clarity and color. The […]

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Sophisticated and Rustic

Sophisticated and Rustic; together creates what is known to be A Real French Country Style

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