Le Barn – Old Farm

Le Barn to Table

Freshly harvested from our vegetable gardens. Farm to table doesn’t get any closer than this! We’ll steam the beet greens and dress them with olive oil, salt, and lemon for a healthy side dish. The beets will be roasted until tender, cooled, quartered, and tossed with lettuce to make a simple green salad. ~~ Le Barn

The Green Garden Goddess

As you know by now from reading our blog, Le Barn is fortunate enough to be situated on one of the oldest estates in Connecticut. One hundred acres of pastoral land with over one hundred years of family history is bound to have some folklore, legend, or myth […]

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Spring into Summer! Plant a Vegetable Garden with Le Barn!

As we spring into summer, we anticipate planting our annual fresh vegetable garden at Le Barn. The joys of cultivating your own vegetable garden are both rewarding and healthy, especially with attention turned toward the latest trend of eating local produce. What could be better having an ultra […]

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Le Barn is not just Home to Treasures

Le Barn is not just a home to treasures from all around the world; it is also home to many creatures!


Praying Mantis

Wild Turkey […]

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