Le Barn – Old Farm

Le Barn of Stamford; Local Treasure, Timeless Beauty

About a mile from the Merritt Parkway, tucked away in North Stamford, a secluded and unexpected gem hides buried, waiting to be discovered. Le Barn. Originally a cow farm from the 1700’s built on 100 sprawling acres of pastoral land, it remains lovingly preserved and maintained by third generation. [caption id="attachment_140" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Showroom at Le Barn"]Showroom at Le Barn[/caption] The historic buildings and unusual dry walls that pepper the property remain in their authentic state, and although necessary renovations have been made, emphasis on keeping the integrity of the original property are respectfully observed.  From the 350 year-old maple tree, to the classic water well, the breath-taking natural beauty of this magnificent property remains forever timeless. [caption id="attachment_142" align="aligncenter" width="680" caption="Old Wall at Le Barn in Winter"]Old Wall at Le Barn in Winter[/caption] The feast for the senses continues! As the name “Le Barn” suggests, there are two large barns brimming with the finest quality restored antiques from France, Italy, and Asia. Discovering the treasures within, combined with being on this majestic property is like taking a step back to a more cerebral and peaceful place in time. Experience Le Barn…local treasure, timeless beauty.
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