A Day with Gordon Heuther

A Day with Gordon Heuther

January 15, 2015

This week, Le Barn was lucky enough to have an exciting project take us to the West Coast. With the days packed full of meetings, we were privileged enough to spend a day with an artist who not only has made a huge impact on the Napa Valley, but whose work has begun to pop up in some of the country’s most frequented locations – from airports to universities, from government buildings to hospitals. We wanted to share with you an artist who continues to amaze us the more and more we learn about him and see of his work. Rarely do you meet someone who can successfully create such a wide array of art in such a varied amount of mediums.  A man of many talents and a soul that craves to provide viewers with connection, meet Gordon Heuther…

He’s the “American Story,” with a vocabulary that consists of a lot of radssuper awesomes and totallys and a personality exploding with creativity and ambition. Born in Rochester, NY to two immigrant parents who came over by boat from Germany, Gordon is a multi-medium artist now based in Napa, CA.

Upon meeting Gordon, he was quick to share his story putting together the puzzle pieces that have helped to make him the unique, creative, interesting and successful artist he has become. At the age of 17, without a high school diploma, he decided to teach himself through trial and error out of a garage with $500. From stain glass to fine art, from sculpture to artistic furniture, over his 30+ year career, Gordon has created art that perfectly embodies the goals given to him.

Walking through Gordon’s studio minutes from downtown Napa as he shares the stories behind each piece on display, some of which are small models from projects he bid but maybe did not win, you can’t help but see and feel his passion and love for what he does. And each piece comes with a story you won’t forget.

Button Woman – Gordon’s father used to be a creator too – of window displays. Many years after this, a man came by Gordon’s studio with a truck full of his father’s old mannequins. Gordon took this lady, and decorated her in old vintage buttons – not one is the same, and not one inch of her is flawless.

photo 4


These Red Lips made of glass, and installed around steel, are the lips of Ann Colgin, a famous vintner. Gordon simply pulled her away from a dinner at Bouchon and made her kiss his pad 6 times. From there he created this magical work of art.


photo 5


This was one of our favorites – a small model he had done, and unfortunately not won the bid on. This leaf canopy was for a park.


photo 2 photo 1


Napa 9/11 Memorial. Gordon collected 6 steel beams from the original World Trade Center site in NYC and created this remarkable memorial in Napa with the help of the town’s support to donate the site and a friend who donted the landscape architecture design.


photo 3 photo 2photo 4

With a team that has naturally grown to about 10 members, Gordon has positioned himself to be in a place where he can strictly focus on the creative process. And what a perfect place for him to be, as we anxiously wait and follow to see what he will create next.

Check out Gordon yourself – http://www.gordonhuether.com/