Get The Look at Le Barn

Get The Look at Le Barn

Le Barn has recently stumbled upon beautiful feature editorials and photoshoots that capture the essence of what Le Barn believes in and hopes to share with our clients – the importance and the power that a mix of pieces, both  in regards to style, era and price, can do to a space to create an eclectic room that tells a story. In face, many of these features have included pieces that Le Barn currently has in our inventory.

It is a true joy to walk the aisles of Le Barn and immerse yourself in the antiques and stories they hold, but it is another to see the treasures come to life in a home. We hope to be able to help you find a balance between the old and new in your home, to create you very own story.


This beautiful entry feels lived in and welcoming.

At Le Barn:

Absolutely wonderful very sculptural chairs from Chinese elm in reddish Chinese lacquer with some deep pink hues. Other sizes available as well. Perfect for either side of a console as pictured, or even by a fireplace.


Iron side table with glass glass top-shelf. Table is newly made from antique grate from Paris.  An array of grates are available; Le Barn will help to design and create your very own that you pick out.


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