Get Your Garden Growing...Now

Get Your Garden Growing…Now

Finally, the white stuff that has been covering our lawns for months has vanished, and the first early signs of Spring are popping up, literally. Here at Le Barn, Crocus buds are peeking through the grasses, the green stems of Daffodils are feeling brave and growing by the centimeter daily, and we ourselves have been brave and filled some of our favorite window boxes with bright colored Pansies to remind us that Spring has sprung!

The temperatures may not quite be as high as we are craving for yet, but this is the time to get your green thumb on. Prep your garden, your lawn, your soil now to get the most out of your vegetables and flowers to come.

DO Prune Perennials – Immediately trim down perennials and perennial grasses. The longer you wait, the more chance of cutting new shoots as they emerge through dead foliage.


DO Deter Deer – Deer are hungry – especially after this winter. Here at Le Barn, we are seeing the animals with no inhibitions already feeling confident to come within inches of the Barn to pick any bud there is. Any sprays applied earlier in year would have worn off by now. There are new clear sprays to choose from, like Tree Guard Deer Repellent.


DO Water Water Water – Recently planted trees and bushes are fragile and can be damaged quickly and easily. Give them the love juice they are after, water, water and more water. In early Spring days, those tree roots are looking for moisture.


DO Commence Composting – Start with your spring clean up – leaves and plant debris is great. Add grass clippings and veggie garden trimmings. We suggest a compost activator and turning pile regularly.


DONT Be Lazy With Burlap – All burlap should be removed by April 1. If you are behind, make it a priority. The plants can overheat and damage the foliage.

DONT Mulch Too Much – Too much mulch applied to roots, trunk or crown of trees and shrubs can cause oxygen starvation.

DONT Till Wet Soil – It can damage soil structure. Dividing perennials can result in soil compaction. Let the soil dry out a bit.

Le Barn’s favorite spring purchase for the Spring garden: Gronomonics Garden Wedge Planter Cold Frame