New Uses for Old Things - Part I

New Uses for Old Things – Part I

April 9, 2015

Spring Cleaning is dreaded and loved all at the same time. No one wants to commit to it, but once it’s complete, everyone is so happy with the result. To kick off spring cleaning, Le Barn is featuring “New Uses for Old Things,” majority of which sit around your home and may rarely be used.

This week…Cleaning Hacks

Mayonnaise as Sticker Remover


Eliminate the pesky residue labels leave behind on dishes and jars with a healthy dollop of mayo and a cloth. Rub until it’s all gone.

Dryer Sheet as Shower Door Cleaner


Fro brilliant results minus the elbow grease, rub a dampened dryer sheet over a wet shower door to banish soap-scum buildup.

Aluminum Foil as Pan Scrubber


Add a drop of dish soap, then tackle the stubborn bits on a glass pan or an oven rack with a scrunched-up ball of foil.

Coffee Filter as Screen Wiper


To clear dust and static from sensitive touch screens and flat screens, swipe them with a lint-free filter.

Stay tuned for next weeks household items with double uses…