Perfect Party Platters

Perfect Party Platters

With the cold days, it is clear that autumn is here, and doesn’t plan on going anywhere. With that comes, warm fires, red wine, and festive nights among friends at home. With the holidays approaching, Le Barn shares some of our favorite serving platters for the perfect home party that won’t break the bank, but will leave a lasting impression with your guests. Let’s hope what they taste is as good as they look on these special dishes!


This is a classic from Juliska, and one of our all time favorites. A transitional platter for cheese or smoked salmon, you will find yourself using this dish over and over.


Shopping tip: For those of you in the Fairfield County area, Juliska holds a special tent sale every summer at their Stamford store – an absolute must for great steals on products like this.


Straight from Le Barn’s showroom, this platter will be an immediate conversation piece amongst your guests. Originally from Turkey, this platter can be used at a party, and then be on display year round in your kitchen or living room adding a pop of color and history. Get it while it is still available!


We die over Shegreen at Le Barn – sharkskin that is died and used as a decorative material. Available in an array of colors to match your home palette – use this to serve a non-messy app or for display on a coffee table.


Happy Shopping, K2