The Color Gold

Gold is the color of success, abundance, luxury, and prosperity. 

Gold is always optimistic and positive.

Gold is equated with power and energy.



It illuminates all things with its richness and warmth.

GOLD FABRIC--GoldTrim_vs_Imitation

Wearing gold infuses the body with a feeling of well-being.

Zoe Saldana-GOLD IN CLOTHING ---789914e013a007bd_zoesaldana

Gold never wears, corrodes, or tarnishes.


Some ancient cultures still believe in the restorative qualities of gold; that it rehabilitates and rejuvenates and that it cures a multitude of diseases.

Gold can have excitingly edgy and dangerous associations:

Throughout history, and to this day, people are still fascinated by the prospect of buried golden treasures:,0,4185029.story#axzz2uRwUq6uE

Here at Le Barn, from our interior decorator’s perspective, we acknowledge the beauty and the power of gold. Gold is incredibly accommodating because it pairs well with any color.

room sample 1-Recovered.1 copy

 The possibilities are endless!

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Rooms We Love

March 7, 2014

You may not like the idea of using nickel in interior design, but one thing is definite; nickel brings an unusual and sophisticated light into darker homes. It blends perfectly well with classic furniture, and gives a modern clean edge to an older home.

The image below depicts […]

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Rooms We Love

We are very inspired by the room below. French grays combine and play off of the warm colors in the small painting of the mother and cherubic child.
We’ve recreated our version of this room based on our original inspiration using Le Barn’s versatile inventory. The […]

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Wine Tasting Table

Our rustic French wine tasting tables, circa 1800–1850, were created specifically for sampling the latest vintage ready for release to the pubic. This much anticipated occasion was festive and joyful, yet serious. Wine producing families, friends, and favored patrons unfolded this table and gathered ‘round in the […]

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