The Fields of August Splendor

[caption id="attachment_121" align="aligncenter" width="529" caption="The Fields of August Splendor"]The Fields of August Splendor[/caption]

Nature, the Gentlest Mother – Speaks at Le Barn

The image accompanying this blog was recently taken one early morning on the property of Le Barn, in North Stamford, Connecticut.

In the rush and whirlwind of every day living, moments like these captured forever in time remind us to acknowledge and appreciate the natural beauty and magnificence […]

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Le Barn in Stamford

Many tests have been conducted and confirm that having a pleasant
conversation with your garden could affect the rate of growth.
Far-fetched notion, or fact?
Why not try it and decide for yourself
(We promise not to tell […]

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Le Barn’s Chinese Wedding Marriage Basket

Each unique antique at Le Barn has a history and story of its very own to tell. There is something especially magical about a piece associated with the union of two people about to make a life-long commitment to each other.

Le Barn’s Chinese Wedding Marriage […]

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